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Sentimental Machines

saverio rosiSentimental Machines is a collaborative project between Attilio Novellino and Saverio Rosi

Novellino and Rosi began to collaborate in 2010, performing at festivals and art events such Flussi and Interferenze-Farm (Avellino) and Diagonal Jazz/Diagonal Visual (Marca Museum – Catanzaro) as a duo and releasing the first Sentimental Machines studio album: “The silent bride”, a work inspired by the novel “Il nemico” by Emanuele Tonon, focused post-modern contrasts with existential attitude.
”Kafkaesque ambient music suspended in a crackling lie” according with italian press.

LESS | DRONARIVM, DR-26, 3”pro-CDr, ltd.100


“Less” includes close-ups of melancholy piano on a vaguely industrial flow, intimate portraits of urban soundscapes and “holy” drone movements, mixing old musical instruments (piano, pump organ, tape delay and analog echo machines), field recordings and laptop treatments in order to highlight the sentimental aspect behind these electroacoustic compositions.

Composed between 2010 and 2014 it brings together some thoughts, marks and scars that time has left over the years.


THE SILENT BRIDE – Laverna Netlabel (Lav 36)

THE SILENT BRIDE – Discreetrecords Cd-r  Limited Editon with two bonus tracks [Out of stock]

Lav37largedigital edition

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